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Start an online business

Start an Online Business

I will be taking you through all you need to know to start an online business and succeed

So you want to start an online business? The internet continues to create successful entreprenuers, it offers enterpreneuers with an idea, endless resources and tools required to start an online business. I will take you through the stages on How to start an online business.

Why start now? 5.5 million private sector businesses at the start of 2016 that is a 2 million increase since 2000. With all these businesses starting, Cambridge has the higest survival rate at 49%, on the contrast, Birmingham, Hull and Manchester has the least with 36% survival rate. This is defiantkey due to businesses not creating a Digital Marketing Strategy on start-up.

Start an online business – What you need to consider

Topics we will be diccussing goes somehting like this:

  1. Market Research including your prime customers
  2. Setting up your wbsite; website name, branding including design and choosing a domain name
  3. Working with search engines and optimisation
Turning an Idea Into Reality

The great thing about online businesses is that you don’t need a particular qualification or years of industry experince. You can operate an online business from just about anywhere.

Why do people purchase products and services online? Becasue it is easy. So why is your product or service not on the internet yet?

Lets talk anout what motivates you to take this idea and turn it into reality. For it is money, others to start a family business from home or maybe to be your own boss. You need to understand what motivates you to start an online business.

Staring an online business and becoming your own boss it extremly rewarding and also stressful at the best of times. So expecting to work 9-5 is not going to happen, it will be your life. No more or days out with the family, well not for at least the first 3 years. You will ne opertaing you business 24/7, dealing with customers to understanding search engine optimisation.

Market Research

This should be the first on your list. Who are your competitors? What websites are similar to what you want to achive? Look at what these websites are missing and what works well.

When Google first started out their were 5 major search engines, they found a that they could make their search engine better. Now look at them, #1 business on the internet.

Probably worth considering the following to focus on to get ahead of yoru competitors:

  • Oustanding customer service. Set-up a twitter account just to handle customer service queries.
  • A diverse range of products and services. Perhaps focus on a particular products category.
  • Lower cost services. Make it more affordable to your customers.
  • Fast delivery. It is a race to the finish when it comes to customer delivery.

Identify your prime customers

Questions to ask:

  • How often do they go online?
  • Age range
  • Demographic
  • Interests

Facebook ads is a good tool that can be used to identify a demand and outline your possible target audience.


Setting Up Your Website

Time for the fun part when it comes to starting an online business. Your identity and and brand awareness. This is vital as you will be creating the experince for your customers.

Register a domain name

This is what potential customers use to find your website. Ensure it is easy to remember and not to long. Think of the top online retailers; Argos, Tesco, Asda and Boots. Very short and easy to remember, they have buit a brand around their website names. Furthermore, if you check out their domain names you will find they are the same as the website name.

You are free to register a domain name as long as it is available. Registering is easy, Godaddy, 123 Reg and Heart Internet are just a few that allows you to register a domain name.

Without a domain name you can not self host a website. Before you register ensure you have identifed your webite name so that you can make it as relevant as possible when choosing your domain.

*Tip, your website name can be different from your registered business name.

start an online business | domain name


Branding your website

Consitant is key, branding is all about what people think about your website and business. Eveytime a customers sees you website name or logo they will know what they think of you. If you see Disney you instantly think family films such as Frozen and Moana. So how do you want people to view you? Think of your target audience. What works and what would your potential customers think of your logo and style? let’s look at an example, Haribos, bright colours, easy to read and remember, surley the prime audience are kids.

start an online business | branding

Think of your website as a shop window, if people do not like the look of it they will not enter, if they can not freely move around your shop they will not want to stay, if what you said you sell is not on the self or they can’t find it easily they might leave and come back. Consider this is when creating your website.


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