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Social Media and Business

The Importance of Social Media and Business

Whether it’s B2B ro B2C, social media is a marketing giant. Social Media and Business are interlinked, a key component included in any digital marketing plan.

Staying up to date with digital marketing trends will ensure you stay ahead of your competitors. Are you one of 48% of small business owners who say that online reputaion is most valuable.

Therefore, managing a effective social media campign for your small buisness is vital in your success as a business owner.

What does this  mean to you?

First of all, 77% of adults using the internet have brought products or services online, that is a 24% increase from 2008.  That alone will be enough to move forward with Social media and Business.

Next, we will look at the different Social Media Platforms that you should be using as a Small Business.

Instagram and Business

50% of Instagrammers follow a business, with an astonishing 60% saying they learn about a product or service.  Instagram now has 500,000 advertiser on its platform, something must be working. Posting enagning content is a must if you are to build your Instagram coummity.

Seems Universal Orlando have the right idea. They post videos and images of rides, attractions and paces to stay, all to get you  to follow and lead you onto their website.

social media and business orlando


Another game changer is: Twitter and Business

72% of customers expect a complaint to be answered  in one hour. 30% of top brands have a dedicated customer service feed on Twitter. 34% of customers that recive a response on Twitter within one hour make another purchase. 43% are likely to recommend your services and products.

twitter and business


Finally, Facebook and Business

Adding an image to Facebook increases your post enagement by 2.3x. 

So every one like on a facebook post without an image costs you at least 2 more.

People want to be part of a community. They want to be part of something. Facebook is a huge all round  platform for for Business. By now you should have a Faceboook page. Becasue Facebook offeres target advertsing. Your target audience can be narrowed down to interest and bobbies. Don’t miss this opportunity.

facebook and business



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